Refurbished Laptops

You are interested in purchasing a laptop but your finances cannot allow you to invest tens of thousands shillings in procuring one,so what alternatives do you have that would allow you to get a reliable high performance laptop at a low investment.The answer is a refurbished laptop.

HP Folio 9470m Core i5 4GB/500GB Refurbished
Dell latitude E7440 Core i5 4GB/500GB Refurbished
HP Elitebook 810 Revolve Core i5 4GB/128GB SSD Refurbished
HP Probook 4530s Core i5 4GB/320GB Refurbished
Lenovo x131e Duo 4GB/320GB HD Refurbished

So what exactly are refurbished laptops? These are used laptops that have been returned to the sellers or distributors which are then worked on in an effort to return then to their original functional form or to a point of being as good as new.The advantage with any electronic device is that even when used it can be optimized through replacement of parts,through system audits and upgrades to make it as efficient as it was when new.

A point to note is that some of these refurbished devices were actually traded in when their previous owners wanted to procure a different device and as such were in top functioning order for a trade in requires prior inspection before the reseller can accept it.

Are refurbished laptops of good quality?

The answer is yes. A refurbished laptop, as explained above is almost similar to a brand new product. The refurbished laptops especially those of high grades have a slightly lower chance of breaking as compared to brand new laptops.The reason for this is that a brand new laptop will go through all the normal quality checks. However, all the refurbished laptops will go through these checks twice. Also, refurbished laptops are much cheaper than a brand new laptops while still having an equal capability to the brand new laptop

Do refurbished laptops come with a warranty?

The answer to this is Yes.Refurbished laptops will come with at least a 6 months warranty on purchase.

What are the benefits of buying a refurbished laptop

There are several potential benefits to buying refurbished laptops with the most obvious being its discounted pricing. Customers can typically save between 30% to 70% from buying a refurbished laptop as compared to purchasing a brand new laptop.

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